Hill’s pet food for some canned DOG foods.

Hill’s Petfood is recalling some canned DOG foods due to potentially increased Vitamin D levels. Please check the list of recalled cans here: Should you have bought any cans with the recalled lot numbers from us, please return them to us for an exchange. Please do not continue to feed them. Too much vitamin D may be harmful. Thank … Read More »

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

What a wonderful time! Finally time to stop rushing and enjoying what’s important in life: Those you love – the people and pets around you. Be safe – be happy. Please read these tips: Turkey skin, gravy, scraps, and the fixings that go along with this meal can cause severe stomach and intestine upset in animals. It can even lead … Read More »

How To Avoid Your Cat From Climbing The Holiday Tree

 Here are 5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Cat Out of the Tree   A lot of my clients are telling me stories about their cats misbehaving around the tree. Some of the cats cause significant damage or injure themselves.   First of all, cats want to climb. They are curious and want to explore the new “toys” that you … Read More »

How much does it cost to own a dog?

Ready to get a dog for the Holidays? Let’s face it: a world without pets is an empty one. I recently heard on 680news the question: “If you had a chance, would you rather spend your time with people or your pet?” That’s an important question. For us veterinarians in Markham the answer is quite easy… I think you guessed … Read More »

An Unexpected Benefit of Rabies Vaccine

We all know about rabies. We know how deadly it is for humans and animals. You’ve probably come across a few depictions of rabies in movies or cartoons. Who can forget the wild eyes, snarling teeth, and foaming at the mouth? Some depictions are more accurate than others, and it can be hard sometimes for owners to tell an animal … Read More »


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