Liz I.:

If you have a pet THIS IS THE PLACE you want to take it. Even if it mean driving for HOURS. Worth every kilometer. I’ve had two dogs cared for here. Dr. Marsig and team and Dr. Dabir will give your pet the best medical and compasionate care. True professionals and knowleable amimal lovers . I moved from the area and had to go to another clinic. The Dr. At the new clinic mentioned that the reports for my dog were exceptional form Unionville Animal Hospital. This place is a rare gem when it comes to providing for your babies of the animal kind.


Christina H.:

Rex has been coming here since he was 3 legged cat that is..the staff here are the best..always caring, friendly and super patient.they take care of him every visit…and that is alot of visits these days.
thanks for everything guys!!


Carol A.:

Our furr baby Nero .had some teeth removed .
And some other issues where taken care of .
He is on the mend thanks to the doctor and staff .


Jordan S.:

Exemplary service with very competitive pricing. They have kept my cat happy and healthy for 16 years and counting.


Alice L.:

I found a lost dog today. It was wandering around the neighbourhood, so I brought it to this hospital for help. The staff scanned the dog’s microchip, and took the dog into the hospital on a leash. They were able to connect with the owner, and the dog was picked up on the same day. The staff were very kind and responsible. Thank you for your help!


Max S.:

We’ve been taking our Dog here for the last 5 years and have been really pleased with the level of care here. The regular lady (practice manager?) always remembers our dog and they all show genuine care towards her whenever she’s in for an appointment. Great bunch of genuine people that are a pleasure to interact with.


Nika A.:

I took my Boston Terrier (Bella) to this hospital for a check-up and for her vaccinations. Dr. Dabir is great at his job and the staff are super helpful and friendly. They also have a great selection of pet supplies. I highly recommend this hospital for your pets.


Samantha P.:

Thank you to Dr. Marsig and his team for taking such good care of our family pet. He is compassionate, kind, experienced and ethical, and our family appreciates all these important qualities in a veterinary doctor. He took time out of his day to respond to different family members during the pandemic lockdown when our pet became ill. We are very touched to receive a personal note from Dr. Marsig regarding our pet just today. This means a lot to us and is a reflection of the professional that he is. We trust Dr. Marsig and his clinic and highly recommend his care. Please keep doing what you are doing for the many beloved furry members of many families out there!! Thank you.


Jessica S.:

I have 2 dogs, both the same breed and one of them is treated with love my the owner which is the doctor. And my other one I just go recently and she has to go get her shots. I love the doctors they are very nice and kind and they save my dogs lives. I know my recent dog will love that vet and get use to it and hopefully the doctor I always get to see for my dogs is the owner. He is the best. And also the desk lady is super nice too!


Antonjia M.:

Dr Marsig has been our animal’s primary care giver for years. There is no place I trust more with the care of my animals, without the dedication of the staff, and their expertise we wouldn’t have been blessed with our pets for as long as we have. I drive an hour to see Dr Marsig, and would drive longer. His knowledge of cat and dog care is exceptional. When I was told my kitten had no chance of surviving, he found a way to make her healthy and happy. 15 years later Princess Laya is a happy and healthy cat, enjoying being pampered and providing endless love to me and my family. Thank you for all the good work you all do, and keeping our pets healthy.


Bonnie G.:

Thank you to the entire staff of the Animal Hospital of Unionville for making my first appointment a positive experience. The receptionist was friendly and made my pet and me feel welcome. The doctor was knowledgeable and provided helpful recommendations for my pet. The veterinary assistant explained my options before proceeding with any procedures. My pet was loved and well taken care of during his first veterinary visit. 🙂


Lulu B.:

Our 2 yr old Golden had ingested something potentially poisonous & fatal on the first and worst snow storm of the year. After several attempts, the driving conditions were way too insane – we were not able to get up to our regular vet in time and very desperately needed help. We were seen and treated IMMEDIATELY by Dr. Dabir and staff within minutes of us calling them while we were on our way there – almost after hours. By the time we arrived, they had our dog’s vet records sent over and they were ready to treat him. They treated him and they did it fast – and they saved his life. If I ever had to switch from my regular vet – I would come here instead. We showed up there hysterical and scared and upset and they were nothing but professional and calm and kind to us. I will never be able to thank them enough for what they did for Ben, our Golden – I don’t have human children, he is like a child to me. I will be forever grateful.



Took my bunny in for a health check up + certificate for travel for the first time. Everything was done very professionally. Dr. Marsig and the staff were very kind, respectful, and pet-friendly. Thank you !


Alton W.:

I took my cat there for first time. I don’t know the Dr. name but he was amazing. Spent over 40 min to exam my cat which I never get it in other hospitals. Also staff was helpful and friendly. Tiger back to normal and he is a happy cat now. Thanks to them. End of story.


Jackie D.:


For over 9 years we have had the great privilege of having Dr. Marsig and more recently Dr. Dabir and their pet-loving team led by Nela, treat our three dogs.

If you are looking for top class veterinary care, combined with a true love for animals and a compassionate approach to ‘fur baby’ parents, then the Animal Hospital of Unionville, will not leave you wanting. We have innumerable experiences, which have consistently demonstrated the team’s shinning abilities to manage anything from routine boarding stays to critical situations, with the same infectious friendliness and warm tender care.

Our most recent experience, which saved our little dog’s life is a testament to the superior service, ‘go the extra mile’ approach and outstanding care, provided by the Animal Hospital of Unionville. Here is our story:

Lilly, our Jack Russell Terrier found herself in a confrontation with a skunk, where she was sprayed in the eyes and mouth. Shortly after the incident, she was lethargic and listless. Because skunk spray is not considered to be toxic to dogs, these symptoms were passed off to a tired and stressed Jack Russell. By morning her urine was mostly blood and I rushed her to the clinic. Her urine progressed to being black in color (see photo at end of review). Dr. Dabir was in attendance and quickly determined that toxicity was the likely cause. Rather than following the accepted premise that skunk spray is not toxic to dogs, Dr. Dabir researched extensively and found a few limited references that contradicted the premise of skunk toxicity to dogs and found that in certain circumstances, specifically if ingested skunk spray is in fact toxic to dogs. The symptoms include anaemia, vomiting, bloody / black urine and lethargy. Without sufficient precedents, antidotes or known treatment plans and despite Dr. Marsig having the day off, Dr. Dabir and Dr. Marsig worked together to treat Lilly. After a sleepless night for Dr. Dabir, Dr. Marsig took over in the morning. Because two vets didn’t blindly follow the masses and provided exceptional care, Lilly’s recovery was nothing short of miraculous.

I spent more time than normal at the clinic and can honestly say that Lilly was treated with love, kindness and gentleness despite her critical condition. When Lilly suffered, the team were saddened and dismayed, when she stabilized, the team celebrated. They were so concerned that they contacted Nela on her vacation to share the news. They also had to contend with me – I was terribly upset and at points inconsolable and I was treated with compassion, kindness and empathy throughout.
Without Dr. Dabir and Dr. Marsig, Lilly would not be alive today.
Impeccable service, willingness to explore the unknown and go against the grain, very late nights and very early mornings and a team that became my family all formed part of the race to save Lilly…what more can I say.

I can’t do sufficient justice to Dr. Marsig, Dr. Dabir, Nela and the team and therefore I will close by saying that the real testament to their phenomenal approach is the fact that our three dogs happily and excitedly attend vet visits despite having undergone some necessary but not unpleasant medical treatments.

Thank you, Dr. Marsig, Dr. Dabir, Nela and the team for loving our three little dogs as much as much as you love your own and as I do and thank you for being my extended family in Canada.


Silvana A.:

The vet and staff were so compassionate when our dear Molly was so sick and we had to make the hard decision to end her suffering. If we decide to get another pet I would definitely go back to them.


Shankari S.:

Dr. Marsig and the entire team is absolutely fabulous. They cared for both our dogs throughout their lives. Dr. Marsig is also Fear Free certified, which is great news for pet parents who don’t want to use aversive methods with their animals.


Jessie Y.:

I went few days ago because my bunny had a eye infection and it already got better in a few days. My bunny is still recovering. Is a little pricey but its worth it. I recommend this hospital!


Alec H.:

Have been dealing with them since they first opened their doors. Beagles, Airedales, Bouviers des Flandres and Lagottos with the occasional mixed thrown in. Spayed or neutered, repaired knees, porcupine quills to International Travel Documents they have done it all it seems in 30 odd years. What’s best is the friendly family like atmosphere with dedicated professionalism. And if a bath and clip is order they arrange that as well. We are extremely happy and satisfied. Afterall, do you take your kids just anywhere.


Julie N.:

Very good veterinary clinic. The staff is always wonderful and obviously love working with animals. They take great care of my cat when I bring him in


Laurie N.:

Dr.Marsig and his staff have taken excellent care of our dog BJ for 14 years. Would highly recommend their care to anyone.



Dr Marsig is amazing for my rabbit. I also come here for my rabbit’s nail trims and Nick is really good.


Jo R.

Took out bun here very happy with the service. Concerns and questions were addressed by staff who helped us feel more at ease


Gavin T.:

Great caring staff. Discuss your pets needs and requirements very patiently.


Michael T.:

Kind and helpful staff. Been taking our dog to them for many years.


Jennifer M.:

Thank you for treating my guinea pigs with the same respect and dignity as dogs and cats. As a owner of both dogs and guinea pigs, I can tell you the love and grief is equally deep for small & large pets. I want to thank Tyson for his exceptional service when I was dealing with the aftercare service of my guinea pig. I was being very indecisive, but he was very patient with me. For emergencies or serious conditions, I would take my guinea pigs to emergency hospitals. But for checkup or day-to-day care, this clinic has really compassionate and wonderful staff. I really appreciate your team. Thank you!


Khadija J.:

Dr. Marsig and team did an excellent job caring for my dog after he had cruciate ligament surgery.
Thank you very much


Nicole K.:

Slow service, excellent care.



Thank you to the entire staff of the Animal Hospital of Unionville for a positive experience. The receptionist was friendly and made my pet and me feel welcome. The doctor was knowledgeable and provided valuable recommendations for care. The veterinary assistant outlined my options before proceeding with any tests. My pet was loved and well taken care of.


Princess our cat has been coming to see Dr.Ernst Marsig for the past 13 years for her shots and check ups.She does not like other people but Dr Marsig has a way about him that really works. One year ago Dr Marsig recommended dental work for a canine tooth that had swelling around the gum. We put it off due to $$$ reasons until SEPT 11 this year. 6 days ago Aug 15 we had no choice as our darling had been off her food,hiding,puking up hairballs and drooling constantly and started to lose weight so we took her in.Dr Marsig immediately scheduled her for the next morning and not only the canine came out but another tooth that had a cavity down to the pulp.Poor baby must have been in such pain.Today Aug 22 she had her check up and her gums are healing nicely,she is eating again and coming for belly rubs etc.We are very happy with the followup done by the clinic and the courtesy and excellent service we receive there every time.Thanks a lot to Dr.Marsig and team.We will go no where else.



EXCELLENT VET. High praise. Dr Marsig and his team have been taking excellent care of our dogs for over 15 years.The clinic is very clean and the front staff are always friendly and professional. We have had three bulldogs in Dr Marsig and Dr Goldmans care, each dog with their own complicated health issues.This team has been extremely knowledgeable in dealing with their care in a way that has been caring, insightful, resourceful, kind, and budget friendly. I am extremely appreciative of their budget friendly practice with such a complicated breed. Dr Goldman is absolutely fantastic, great addition to the team. Dr Marsig always takes whatever time necessary to explain everything, we are never rushed, and is always extremely kind, resourceful and caring. He cares about our pets as we do. He is always willing to research and find a way to make it work. I always find great information readily available at the office on food, pet ins., etc., We highly praise and recommend this clinic.


We thank everyone at the Animal hospital of Unionville…they were professional, compassionate and first rate in everyrespect. The surgery performed was successful, and things are great for our little Laurie…Great job guys and girls I will advise all my friends with pet needs to drop in and see you. Thanks again!!

Christina S.:In September 2012 we adopted a shelter dog. From our first visit, Dr.Marsig and his team provided compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable advice for our new girl. The clinic is clean and well organized and the staff made a point of greeting our dog by her name at each visit. As it turned out, our beautiful dog had lymphoma and a short while after we adopted her; we made the painful decision to euthanize her. While it was a devastating loss, we drew great comfort and strength by Dr. Marsig’s gentle and kind nature. He stayed with my dog and I as she peacefully passed away. Both of us shed tears at her passing. We have since adopted a second shelter dog and did not hesitate to bring her to meet the team at the Animal Hospital of Unionville. As was the case with our first dog, their respectful, thoughtful and thorough approach was first-rate. We would recommend this Animal Hospital to all pet-lovers.


I have a three year old skinny pig which developed an infection in his foot. Being a rarer breed and originally bred for medical testing, skinny pigs have virtually no immune system. That being said, Dr. Marsig, took the time to reasearch, treat and follow up with me ( this has been a six month process) I am happy to say that the finish line is just around the corner and if it weren’t for Dr. Marsig’s perseverance I don’t know if my skinny pig would still be alive. My skinny pig is a member of my family and not just a rodent. I have recommended Dr. Marsig to many people already and hope that this posting sheds some much deserved positive light on their services. One very satisfied and loyal customer. Thank you again for caring!


NN:I have been going to this vet since 1994. I am very happy with them. They saved my 6 yr old cat who was in liver failure. She is as good as new now. Dr. Marsig easily accomplished a procedure that an emergency vet at an after hours clinic was unable to do. They really know their stuff. I also compared their price to others for canine teeth cleaning and they were significantly better. I find that all the staff and vets are professional, friendly and caring. I currently have 2 cats and one dog. Another cat I had lived to the ripe old age of 18 thanks in part to their great care. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a vet.

NN:This clinic couldn’t be better. We had the most wonderful experience. They truly care for pets and people. We are seniors and don’t have much money. Our dog was very sick for a week and we waited (too long) until Saturday to bring her in. Dr. Marsig saw her after a short wait and was visibly worried about her. He suggested to keep her on fluids adn do some tests, which we simply could not afford. I told him we had $400 to spare. He understood and spent 5 minutes crunching numbers to give us the best “bang for the buck”. Then he gave her some fluids and pills and took a sample to send out. We were all afraid it won’t be enough to pull her through but it worked but we had no choice. On Monday he called us and she had started eating again. THANK YOU!!! They did their best within our means. They truly care and want the best for their patients and understand the owner’s circumstances. You are wonderful!