Just like as with humans, prevention is the key for good health in veterinary medicine. Routine wellness care provides us with the opportunity to get to know you and your pet, gain a clear picture of your pet’s overall health, and to identify and address any possible medical concerns before they become a problem. Many problems can be detected during a thorough wellness examination before they begin to cause general symptoms. Not only does this type of preventative care help your pet remain healthy, but it can also save you money in the long run. It’s much more affordable to prevent an illness than it is to treat it once it has developed.

At Animal Hospital of Unionville, we recommend that pets be examined every 3 – 7 pet years, which equates to every 6 – 12 calendar months in human years. During these routine visits, we will examine your pet using our senses of hearing, touch, smell and sight. The exam, which we like to call the “12 Systems” comprehensive examination, is done in a systematic manner and includes a thorough “nose to tail” check of your pet. We will also monitor your pet’s weight and ask questions about your pet’s environment and behavior, as well as review the medical records and discuss a proper diet.

At the conclusion of the exam, our veterinarians will discuss with you our clinical findings. We will suggest preventive measures, recommend further diagnostic tests if needed and give you plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Future visits are also discussed during this visit. Our ultimate goal is to form a partnership with our clients with the shared goal of helping our patients enjoy long, happy and healthy lives.

To make it easier for you to provide your pet with excellent care we have developed a number of comprehensive wellness recommendations that are designed to suit every life stage, from puppy and kittenhood to the golden years. Our puppy and kitten wellness visits include customized immunization plans and parasite prevention to help get them started on a lifetime of good health.

Senior Pet Wellness

As a rule of thumb, many animal breeds tend to age by what equates to about 7 animal years in just one human calendar year. In other words, based on a human calendar, when a pet reaches 7 years of age they are actually almost 50 years old in animal years. Just as with people, age can bring about a number of ailments that can be well managed provided they are treated in a timely manner. In younger pets, regular wellness checks and additional tests every 6 to 12 calendar months are recommended to ensure optimum health and longevity. Once your pet reaches age 7 years or older, we recommend a thorough senior wellness examination every 6 months. In addition to our “12 Systems” comprehensive examination, our senior wellness visits also include:

  • Baseline Health Profile (Blood and Urine Test)
  • Intestinal Parasite Exam (Stool Test)
  • Review Health Insurance Needs
  • Dental Condition Check
  • Nutritional Review and Counseling for Senior Requirements
  • Behavioural Review
  • Survey Radiographs (Lungs, Heart and/or Abdomen, Joints)
  • Check for Glaucoma
  • Electrocardiography