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For after hour phone consults with a doctor, please call 647-695-5411


Taking Care of
ALL your pets

Experienced with Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Chinchillas,
Gerbils, Mice, Rats, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs,
Ferrets, Hedgehogs, Birds and more.


Practicing holistic

We partner with your family to optimize
comprehensive wellness, prevention and nutrition.


You’re busy… we
make it convenient

Late hours, walk in clinic, ALL services under
one roof… from day care to specialist consults.


We’re like a loyal
family physician
for your pets

We’ve been treating the pets for three
generations of families. Reliability and
consistency never goes out of style.


Give your pets a full,
happy life – we work
with you as a team

We always give you options to choose. You decide…


Keeping your pets
happy and healthy

Our Fear Free Certified doctor takes the stress out
of a veterinary visit.


Keeping top
quality medicine
reasonably priced

Owning a pet shouldn’t be a luxury. Nor should
your pet get second-class healthcare.


Continuity and

Since 1966 we’ve been practicing with
principles like, Care, Quality, Trust, and
Scientific Innovation.


Hospital for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Birds and other Pocket Pets.

What makes us unique?

Since 1966 we’ve been providing Compassionate Advanced Health Care based on solid principles like: Experience, Quality, Trust, Reliability, Affordability, and continuous Innovation. We’re a privately owned hospital and driven by Love for Pets and Care for You. We’re small enough and flexible to care, but large enough to deliver top notch quality and innovation…

Complete Health Care Facility

Species treated:

We treat dogs, cats, pocket pets (rabbits, chinchillas, gerbils, mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, skinny pigs, etc.), ferrets, and birds (budgies, cockatiels, parrots, amazon, cockatoo, love birds, conures, African greys, finches, canaries, etc.).

On Site Specialists Available

We’re equipped to perform many of the advanced surgeries and diagnostics. We have a team of specialists (surgery, internal medicine, radiologist, cardiologist) that we can call in to see your pet conveniently on our premises and we have a network of other specialists (exotic pets, birds, internists, oncologists, etc.) that we can call and consult about your pet. All this helps you get the best for your pet for less.

More Services

“I’ll only trust my pet to an experienced veterinarian”

Because of our outstanding experience, we often can make the diagnosis and suggest a reasonable treatment plan without getting into excessive testing…

This can be very controversial…

“I want to know my treatment options before I come in”

Call us first. We’ll help you make the right decision first – no obligation. Or check out our online Pet Health Checker.

“I don’t have time to bring my pet”

We understand. We are here late, on Saturdays, and we can do 98% of treatments and diagnostics conveniently in house. One-stop for all your needs to save you time.

Ongoing Innovation

Medical progress requires constant adaptation and learning. We have blazed the path of innovation in Markham for many decades, sometimes in unexpected ways…

Vet bills too high?
Why our fees are affordable

Our lean and flexible hospital structure allows for advanced treatments and diagnostics at very reasonable fees. Without the overhead costs of a large referral center we often can treat conditions at a fraction of the cost.

We accept all insurance plans and submit claims for certain insurance vendors online to get your money faster

OVMA pet insurance, Trupanion, Pets plus Us, OSPCA, Etc.

Not sure what insurance to choose? Compare them here!

Need a Payment Plan? No problem…

Click here to connect with an affordable financing option.

We’re privately owned – not corporately controlled

Many clinics are now owned by large corporations. Not us: We focus on long term relationships with you, not on a CEO pressuring us with short term sales targets. We’d rather tell you what you don’t need, if that is better for your pet.

Holistic Medicine as it should be

Holistic includes the whole pet, its family, environment, food, and every aspect of life. It’s not just prescribing naturally sourced remedies or raw food. Find out how we care deeply about every aspect.

Pet Hotel and Daycare

Trust your little ones to our experienced team, to be comfortable and entertained. We medically supervise all our guests.

24 Hour Emergency Clinic York Region

Emergencies welcome any time during office hours!
For after hour emergencies we refer to:
Scarborough or Newmarket

We Make House Calls

Vaccinations / Sampling of blood, urine, skin etc.

Examinations / Euthanasia / And More

Learn More About Our New Mobile Service

Convenient Online Ordering

Order your pet care needs quickly and

conveniently from our online store


Find out for yourself!

Use our Pet Health Checker

Health Library

We are pleased to provide a library of professionally written articles updated by practice experts and reviewed by practitioners to bring you the most up-to-date, trustworthy pet health information.

Pet Health Library