Animal Hospital of Unionville, formerly Unionville Veterinary Clinic founded in 1966.

One of the special reasons why generations of families from far and near keep bringing their “furry kids” to our hospital is because we have experience (over 150,000 treatments in the past 30 years) and we spend time with you.

The last thing you need is to be rushed through the vet’s like a nameless number. Even imagining this makes us cringe! We are here as a member of your family’s team. We just can’t help but loving pets. Non-pet owners may think we’re crazy when they see our staff talking to our patients and rubbing their bellies as if pets were human children. Since 1966 our love for pets hasn’t changed.

Our pledge is that whenever you have a problem or a question we will be there as a member of your family’s team. We will give you the options and information you need to make the best decision and we acknowledge your feelings in difficult times. We’ve been there.

All of us have pets and families and we fully understand that being a veterinary clinic our role is not only to keep your little guy or gal happy and healthy, but also to make sure your entire human family is happy about all decisions you’ll make with your pets. This sometimes is a balancing act, or as Dr. Marsig puts it “the Art of Veterinary Medicine”. Every situation is unique and we’re here to help make things as simple and easy and affordable for you and your pet as possible. This is our promise to you, your pet, and to ourselves.


Our name stands for innovation. We have blazed the path of innovation in Markham for many decades. We were among the first clinics to perform in house electrocardiography, acquire a dental x-ray machine and performed advanced dental procedures, perform endoscopic procedures, to focus on behavioural medicine, teach dog training, have Fear Free Certification, acquire in house Ultrasound, to name a few. Medical knowledge evolves continuously and we adapt very quickly. For instance we changed our health care recommendations and vaccination protocols based on newer 3-year products and adjuvant free feline vaccines. We practice evidence based medicine based on scientific knowledge and combine it with holistic and naturopathic elements to maximize the well being of your pets.

Being up to date on the latest development in clinical treatment and diagnostics does not mean to acquire every new piece of equipment the market offers and to use it without critical review. For instance we did not acquire a surgical laser unit to perform routine surgeries, since there is no scientific evidence that laser surgery heals faster, is less painful etc. In fact the opposite may be true. Laser equipment companies sold their ware to unsuspecting veterinarians with the promise of being able to charge higher fees for the surgeries and impressing the customers. We believe that this just creates cost to the customer without any benefit for the patient.

Dr. Marsig is teaching the entire family how to keep their furry kids healthy.

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Dr. Marsig explains what good, real, and honest veterinary medicine should be.

Providing high quality veterinary care and superior service to the people and pets of the Markham, Unionville, Stouffville, Richmond Hill, North York, and Scarborough communities.