by Sean and Leanne

Farewell, my little friend, the story of your life was always going to break our hearts at the end. You were an amazing little man, loved and adored by all gifted to have met you. 13 years, a lifetime of memories, and forever a part of us. You were there for it all, the highs, lows, peaks, valleys, firsts and lasts. And despite the roller coaster of life, your good-natured spirit never wavered. You enriched our lives more than we will ever be able to express, and the day we last held you and had to say goodbye brought us an immeasurable sorrow. So many moments, so few words to sum up what you meant to us. And as your story reaches its last line, the memory of you will be etched in our souls forever. Rest in peace sweet Kenji, let your little soul live on and hope we meet again, you were the closest it gets to being human.

Luke (Lucious)
by Randi and Ryan

Luke was a very special fur baby. He loved snuggles, naps with me, or in the sun, and to be on his papa’s knee. He was so cuddly, even though he was a skittish kitty. He was soft, round and so loveable. We didn’t get to spend his last few weeks with him as we were moving so his sudden passing is even harder for us to deal with. We miss our ‘healing kitty’ so very, very much. His brother, Max, wanders around calling for him. We miss you so much, Lukey. You were our baby. It’s not the same without your warmth. Love you lots. Momma, dada, Sophie, William, and Max.

by Helen Petkopoulos

Nala was my baby she didnt like everyone but she would always let me give her snuggles and over kiss her. We had a bond that can never be broken and she was loved by me and her 2 sisters Luna and Mika very much. My heart will always have her in it. I love you Poohbear.

by Sharon Jung & Paul Natale

Einstein was an opinionated little fart, but he had a winning manner even with all his faults. He loved baking on the deck in the Summer sun and rolling in the Winter snow. He was loved tons and will be missed tons.

by Joe Thurman aand Tina Elliot

In Memory of Scooter – May 3, 2001 – December 29, 2015.
Scooter was our best friend for 14 1/2 years. We will miss him every single day for the rest of our lives.
– T&J

MoonLit Labs Rising Star CGN (Draco)
by Gord and Gail Folk

Draco you were one of a kind and will be missed by every one who knew you. You will always be in our hearts. We want to thank Dr Marsig and staff for the excellent care and compassion they gave Draco. Dr. Marsig removed 3 sponge balls from his stomach in Dec and it have us 6 more month with him. You guys are the best.

by Kirsten and Eddie

It has taken me a long time to write this, because we all still miss our Splitz very much. She was one in a million. Thank you all so much for all the excellent, loving care that you gave her over the years. She couldn’t have been in better hands.

by Lora Chow

Skeena joined us at 8 weeks of age and lived to almost 15. We miss her so much and will love her forever. Our gratitude to Dr. Marsig and all the staff for the wonderful care and compassion we received all this time especially the last 7 months.

by Courtney Handy

Mocha was my first Chihuahua, she was an amazing, loving girl, and was not your typical yappy, snappy chi. she loved everyone, and never barked! Unfortunately she passed away due to a lesion on her brain, one day before her first birthday. I love and miss her dearly, and I was proud to say she was a client at the Animal Hospital of Unionville.

by Nela

Ruckus was a most loyal and gentle companion. He will be sadly missed. Thank-you to Dr. Marsig and Dr. Goldman for being so compassionate and guiding me through the final moments with my dearest pet. I am grateful to be part of the Animal Hospital of Unionville family.

by Brooke

If we could haved saved you, you would have lived forever.
Thank you for everything Dr Marsig, Dr Goldman & team.

by The Anderson family

Abby joined our family when she was almost 2 years old. Our breeder had trained her as a show dog, which meant that Abby arrived in our home with the perfect set of manners. We spent the next 9 years ( with a little help from her best friend Sofie), teaching her that it was okay to act like a lab!

Abby loved going to the cottage, wading (not swimming) in the river, caring for her very large collection of stuffed toys, and Saturday night play dates ( which involved LOTS of dehydrated beef lung treats).

Thank you Dr. Marsig, and everyone at the Animal Hospital of Unionville for being a part of Abby’s life and caring for her with such kindness.
– The Anderson family

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together,
Keep me in your heart,
I’ll stay there forever.”

~ Winnie the Pooh

by The Fungs

Dear Dr. Marsig, Dr. Goldman, & the rest of the team at the Animal Hospital of Unionville,

We offer our sincerest gratitude for the dedicated care you have provided to our beloved dog Nikky. We always knew that he was in good hands. For your understanding & support during our difficult time, we thank you as well.

The Fung Family and Toby

by Michelle

Hi Dr. Marsig,

Thank you for the kind note and the resources. I’ve attached a fun little picture that I took of her yesterday… it always cracked me up when she’d chew on her toys, dry off her teeth and get “cotton mouth”. Her feisty little personality seems to shine through in this one so I thought I’d pass it along. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

I want you to know how appreciative I am of everything you and your staff did for us over the years. Given Holly’s mixed bag of issues, I always found it helpful to learn as much as I could so that I could confidently manage her care at home. She meant the world to me. I know that I’m the woman with a million questions (to say the least)… thank you for always taking the extra time in our appointments and over the phone to address my concerns and give me peace of mind. It did not go unnoticed.

I wish you all the best…
– Michelle