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Finding a Veterinarian for your Senior Pets

By May 13, 2019 Uncategorized

Senior pets have different requirements and veterinarians should adapt to this

As pets get older, it can become more difficult for them to do the activities that they’ve become used to as young ones. They also require extra special needs as they head into their senior years that require the care and attention of veterinarians in Markham. Such attention is required because pets are incapable of voicing when something is wrong, so pet owners may never know about the true nature of their pets’ health until it’s too late.

What you may not see during a physical examination

When examining an older pet, the process may look like a simple petting procedure, but a veterinarian is really examining the pet from head to tail for any unusual signs that demand attention. The eyes and the teeth are examined, for example, to see if there is any sign of infection, both internal and external. The lymph nodes can also be palpated to see if there is any disease that the body is combating.

The process of such an examination is to determine if there are any problems that can be treated before it becomes too complicated, to provide pet owners with preventative solutions and advice in order to prevent the condition from getting worse, adjusting the lifestyle of the pet in order to achieve maximum results from the treatment options, and to consider medical treatment if there are no viable treatment options that the pet owner can conduct on his own, such as surgery.

How often should you pet be examined?

Ideally, senior pets should be examined by a veterinarian every six months. This is in order to catch any conditions that may creep up over time, as senior pets start to age a lot faster as they get older. Annual check-up is not enough to take notice of those conditions that can cause health to decline rapidly. For example, a small lump found on your pet’s body could be harmless, but if not examined by a doctor sooner than the annual visit, it could end up being a cancerous growth that has spread too far to the rest of the organs. Catching this condition sooner could mean the difference between a simple surgery and the worst case scenario.

Just as humans get older in life and are burdened with more ailments, pets go through the same process, so it’s only fair that we cater to their health by taking them in to see our veterinarians in Markham more often. To you, your pet may look physically fine and express no signs of discomfort on pain. Internally, however, they may be experiencing disease, inflammation or weariness that they are incapable of expressing to you. A routine blood work panel every six months, however, can provide you and your veterinarian with the information that you’ll need in order to provide the best care for your senior pet.

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