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Using Apps To Keep Your Pet Busy And Lose Weight!

By June 30, 2018 January 2nd, 2019 Uncategorized

Finally computers are ready to entertain your pet.

Apps are part of our lives – so much so, it would be hard to picture the world without them. Even your local veterinary clinic may use apps to keep things running smoothly.

There are now plenty of apps for your pets:

Yes, you read that right. Apps (and videos) for our furry friends are very real – even guinea pigs have something to keep them happy.

Dogs (and their owners) certainly have a lot to choose from, and cats aren’t short on selection, either. If you fear your cat is bored and/or isn’t moving enough, our Markham vet has compiled a list of entertainment options for you. All you need is a tablet or smartphone to get started.

We have selected a few for you to consider:

TV for Cats and Dogs – Birds Chirping on The Garden Log : 8 HOURS: Ever catch your cat staring at the birds in the yard? Now you can give them something almost as good with this special video featuring birds in a garden. It runs for eight hours, so you could potentially hit “play” as you’re leaving for work or while you’re both waiting to be seen at a veterinary clinic.

CAT GAMES – Catching Mice! Entertainment Video for Cats to Watch: Does it work? The comment section tells you all you need to know. One YouTuber claimed her cats liked the mice so much they kept pausing the video with their paws. Another said their pet pushed their device off the bed in a fit of excitement.

Cat Toys I: Games for Cats: This easy to use app lets you immerse your pet in the world of fish. Any veterinarian will tell you cats like fish – why not take advantage of it? From “Amazing Sound FX” to “6 Games with 44 variations for your cat,” you’re sure to hit a homerun. Reviews are mostly positive, so download it to your Android phone with confidence.

Mouse game toy for cats: We’ve found that many cats that come to our vet love to catch mice, so this is the perfect game. Fluffy not interested? You can still have fun with the green laser dot or red laser dot options. Reviews are mixed for this app (people either love it or hate it), but it’s free, so you can try it out and delete it if you wish.

Paint for Cats: This is great. It’s not just a game – any time you cat interacts with the screen, they create a work of art. You can download the painting, post it to Facebook, or email it to your favorite veterinarian. Price is $1.99 US.

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