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Pheromones for pets

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It seems that pets get stressed just as often as humans. Your veterinary clinic in Markham gets calls from concerned clients throughout the day asking for help with their depressed, anxious pets. A variety of drugs, body wraps, supplements and other products can be used to calm these pets, and new technologies are being developed all the time.

You’ve probably heard of aromatherapy! Check out an innovative science called pheromonatherapy!

Pheromonatherapy involves the use of pheromones as a treatment for anxiety and behavioral problems in animals. Pheromones are compounds produced by the body that allow animals to communicate with each other and are used by animals for an array of purposes.

Pheromonatherapy can be a safe, effective alternative to using medications, and can help avoid the unwanted surrender of pets to shelters – and possible euthanasia – due to behavioral issues.

Pheromone products are completely safe. They are not sedatives, do not interact with any medications, and do not have any unwanted side-effects.  There are products made specifically for dogs and cats.

DAP – Dog Appeasing Pheromone

This product is a synthetic copy of the pheromone that a nursing mother emits while she is feeding her pups. It lets the babies know that mom is near and that everything is fine.

This product is available in a spray, plug-in diffuser, or collar. Which type of DAP you use depends on your dog’s particular case.

For puppies, DAP is very effective with helping new puppies become adjusted to their new home. It has been shown to help with the process of socialization, and in crate training.

Adult dogs can experience relief from noise phobias due to fireworks or thunderstorms. It can be used to help with adjustment to a new house, new pet, or new baby, and can be helpful when company is coming over.

DAP also works great for dogs who become stressed while visiting your veterinarian in Markham or while boarding at a kennel, and can also aid in the treatment of separation anxiety.

FAP-Feline Appeasing Pheromone

FAP is a synthetic copy of your cat’s facial pheromones. No doubt you have seen your cat rub his cheeks across all your furniture. This releases fatty acids and other essential oils and in doing this, Kitty is essentially placing a pheromone “check mark” on all these items, letting other kitties – and you – know that this is his territory.

FAP for cats is available as a plug-in diffuser or spray. Using FAP aids in relaxing your cat, and helps with the treatment of stress-related behaviors. Your cat may need pheromones if it is meowing excessively, scratching furniture or scratch post more than usual, starts not using the litter box or spraying, hiding under furniture or beds more than usual, becoming aggressive with other pets and even toward humans and over grooming.  These are not all the signs of stress that can affect your cat but it gives you some idea if your cat may need help.  It can also be helpful if used when moving to a new house, or when a new baby is introduced to the family. FAP can help your cat relax in the carrier, at your veterinarian in Markham, and while boarding.

Anyone that has ever suffered with depression or stress in their lives will recognize and understand their pet’s stress issues.  Our pets can suffer from the health conditions that we can have. If our pets can get cancer or heart problems; then they most certainly can become stressed out.

You should visit your veterinarian in Markham to make sure your pet has a stress/pheromone issue before treating it with FAP or DAP products.  Once your veterinarian in Markham has ruled out other health issues they can discuss which products may relieve your pets anxiety.

Are you ready to try this exciting new therapy for your pet’s anxiety? Speak to your veterinarian in Markham for more information and a specific product recommendation.

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