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Early Detection Testing helps your pets live longer

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The best and most cost effective medicine is PROactive.

We want your furry members of the family to live as long as possible. But it is sometimes hard to believe how fast our pets age, especially in relation to people. Dogs and cats that were just puppies and kittens “last week” are now in their middle aged years.

Take control and eliminate problems before they become clinical.

It is important to understand that diseases that are now starting to affect your pet frequently don’t have any symptoms until the disease is well established. When a pet is already ill, there are fewer options to treat it successfully, there is less that can be done about it.

Dogs and cats especially make it difficult to notice the subtle symptoms of disease that might be occurring. They hide their discomfort and pain for as long as possible.  The end result is that pets can mask symptoms of disease (i.e. cancer, joint pain, gum infections, and kidney disease) and you can easily miss an important problem.

Veterinarians in Markham will tell you that dogs and cats that are 6 years old are equivalent in age to humans that are in their 40′s. This is the age that humans have breast and prostate exams, blood pressure and cholesterol checks. Dogs and cats are no different, and should have yearly physical exams along with diagnostic tests. Different tests are recommended depending on the breed. Some of the more common tests performed are:

– Blood sample that monitors red and white blood cells along with internal organs

– Urinalysis that checks for kidney and bladder problems

– Thyroid test that checks for low (occurs in dogs) and high (occurs in cats) levels

– Stool sample check for internal parasites

– Blood pressure testing

– X-ray of the thorax that checks the heart and lungs, along with an x-ray of the spinal cord and pelvis that checks for arthritis

– EKG (electrocardiogram) that checks for heart abnormalities

We have Best Health Plans that allow you to do many of these diagnostic tests during the year with predictable low monthly payments. It gives your pet the best medicine and you can rest assured that you did your best to eliminate unpleasant surprises.

We have detailed handouts on nutrition and diseases that affect older pets, please ask our receptionists for one of these handouts. Please call us (905)477-2323 for any questions.

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Dr. Ernst Marsig, veterinarian in Markham

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