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Cats and Dogs in Markham … Friend or Foe?

By July 30, 2014 February 28th, 2019 Uncategorized

Veterinarian in Markham sheds some insight why some cats don’t like dogs…

I am sitting here reflecting and musing why some dogs and cats just don’t get along. Veterinarians in Markham know this too well: Dogs and Cats speak a different “language”.

Dogs have a leash and go for their walks with owners …cats do their own thing.

Dogs have masters … cats have servants.

Dogs eat fast … cats enjoy their food slowly.

Dogs love garbage … cats love toys.

Dogs follow … cats contemplate.

Their genetics makes them behave quite different:

Dogs wag their tails when they want to indicate friendly excitement… Cats wave their tail before an attack.

Dogs pant when excited … Cats open their mouth in stress or when they hiss.

Dogs put their ears back to show submission … Cats show their aggression with their ears.

Dogs lift their front paws to indicate friendly intent … Cats will scratch you.

Dogs crouch playfully into a “down-dog” position … Cats are ready to pounce.

Dogs roll on their backs to be pet … Cats may not let you.

Imagine what a cat must be thinking when a huge Retriever comes up to her, pouncing and prancing with a wagging tail, panting, ears far back (poor Retrievers couldn’t perk them much anyways)? A cat’s reaction is to run, hiss, and make itself as big and fluffy as possible. And the dog is then only too surprised that the fluffy kitty which was just a second ago wagging its tail and giving its paw has such sharp claws.

Dogs do get used to cat’s behaviour, and Cats adapt to dogs. My tabby cat has been seen to actually sniff my Border Collie on the nose and lie on him during an afternoon snooze.  But that was before the Puppy moved in and considered the cats wonderful chasing toys. They were not impressed by this unruly newcomer.

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