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Ontario Superior Court of Justice prohibits Non-veterinarians from performing dentistry on animals

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April 16, 2014:  In a recent judgement the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled that Non-veterinarians are prohibited from performing dental procedures on animal’s teeth:

(See the document here)

There are many companies and individuals who profess in anesthesia-free dental cleaning in dogs and cats. They advertise often heavily and pose a specialists without any credentials. However, sometimes it is just the local  groomer “scaling” the dog’s tartar. All these practices are ruled illegal and constitute practicing veterinary medicine without a  license.

On November 3, 2013 Dr. Marsig wrote a blog about why anesthesia-free dental cleaning is ineffective and, in his words, “a waste of money”.

Expert evidence brought forward during the court hearing supported the College of Veterinarians of Ontario’s position, that “permitting non-veterinarians to provide veterinary dentistry including dental hygiene creates serious risks to animals.”  The College acts in the public interest and has been granted the authority, by statute, to obtain Orders preventing non-veterinarians from practising veterinary medicine. In the event that a member of the public is of the view that a non-veterinarian is practising veterinary medicine, they are invited to contact the College at

In order to protect your pet from harm done by unlicensed, self proclaimed individuals, scaling or polishing of the teeth of an animal, and performing dental hygiene on an animal is an act of veterinary medicine and can be done only in an accredited veterinary facility.

Please see also the position of the American College of Veterinary Dentistry:

That’s why Dr. Marsig, a veterinarian in Markham, created a youtube video explaining what every pet owner needs to know:

If you want to have your dog’s or cat’s teeth cleaned without anesthesia, you have to watch this video

Further veterinarians in Markham will tell you that without properly examining the mouth under anesthesia, many painful dental disease conditions will be missed, leaving your pet suffering, while owners have the illusion that they did something good for their pet.

If you want to have your dog’s or cat’s teeth cleaned without anesthesia, you have to watch this youtube video. Dr. Marsig explains clearly that it is, in his words “a waste of money”. It cleans only part of the surface and has no lasting effect. Watch this 5 minute video to be informed.


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