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Brushing your pet’s teeth… Is it worth the effort? By a Markham vet

By August 31, 2013 February 28th, 2019 Uncategorized

Brushing. We are not kidding. Most Veterinarians in Markham agree: Daily brushing is the most effective way to slow down tartar buildup. Yes… veterinarians in Markham are fully aware how difficult or even impossible this may be for some pets, but it does work.

  1. Dental diets are second best after brushing and often the only practical remedy. Hill’s T/D diet isn’t just a kibble. It works like a dry tooth brush and physically removes the plaque (the soft precursor of tartar) by chewing. See this link for more information: T/D video. As impressive as this video looks, what counts is the peer-reviewed scientific studies that have demonstrated that pets eating this diet are developing less (not “no”) tartar.


  1. Chew bones with all kinds of mechanism of action. There are hundreds of products on the market that claim benefits for pets’ teeth. Some have undergone peer-reviewed studies, which professional veterinarians in Markham believe is the only way to substantiate a claim. Others have not. Please ask your veterinarian about their opinion.


  1. Other products. Publishing an article online bears the risk that we will hear from a legal department of some manufacturer that we endorsed one product or omitted another one. Our goal is neither. We only present our professional opinion based on our experience and knowledge. Our agenda is to promote good pet health, not to support the industry.

Eventually almost all pets need a professional dental cleaning. Some need it more frequently than others, but let’s face it, teeth don’t get better with age, and there are no miracle cures. Now go ahead and look into your pet’s mouth. If you smell or see something that is not clean, let us check. We will let you know if and when it is time to do something about your pet’s dental health.

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