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Are Vaccines Dangerous? What is myth? What is real? … And it may surprise you…

By May 24, 2013 February 28th, 2019 Uncategorized

Yesterday the Toronto Start published an article about “Pet owner sues vets for pain and suffering“ which alleges that vaccines were responsible for the dog’s condition.

Without going to too much into the details of the claim, the fundamental questions have been discussed for years among veterinarians:

 -What reactions are caused by vaccines?

-Are vaccines safe?

-What vaccines does a pet need?

-What vaccines should/ can be avoided?

-How often are vaccines necessary? …

Vets in Markham agree that all dogs and cats need vaccines, whether they are indoors-only pets or not. Some of our vets vividly remember the days when Parvovirus or Panleukopenia killed dogs and cats. Only since effective vaccines are available, we have these horrible diseases under control. Without proper vaccinations these diseases will resurge with vehemence.

 A vaccine works similar to the homeopathic principle. The injection contains antigens (i.e. small natural particles of a virus), which stimulate the body’s immune system to build defenses against the real virus. They teach the body how to heal itself.

Individuals can react to any substance, from peanut butter to vaccines. But what side effects are caused by the vaccine… and what was circumstantial? This question is difficult to answer because so many circumstantial events happen at the same time a vaccine is given. For instance some dogs vomit after vaccines and they vomit after car rides. Which one is responsible? May be a third cause?

 At our pet clinic in Markham we have been watching and adopting new vaccine developments for the past 20 years.

When available, we are now using products that have proven to be effective for 3 years, based on challenge studies, and we are on a rotating vaccination schedule. This means, your pet will get those vaccines he/she really needs and only when she needs it. This is what good medicine is supposed to do: Treat only what is necessary and do no harm to your patient.

We find it however interesting to note, that many prominent Internet personalities (including some DVMs) who have strong public opinions about vaccines, do not have a degree in veterinary immunology and they are not able to scientifically back up their claims. And some of these claims are provocative, instigating law suits like the one mentioned above. We will have to wait and see how the Court decides.

The veterinarians in our pet clinic in Markham choose to make recommendations based on proven knowledge and we will continue to ensure we recommend that latest and best protocols for your pets.

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