Fall is the season for Ticks!!!

You know what ticks are. You’ve heard about them before from your Markham vet, but never seen any in your day-to-day life. Actually, ticks are more than poster pictures that veterinary clinics stick on the wall. They’re more than a nuisance. And they are active when the temperatures are colder. They are now coming out in full force and only … Read More »

Lyme Disease

While most of our blog topics relate to your life with and the health of your furry friends, this one is specific to your health.  While you hear a lot about Lyme disease during heartworm season because we test for it while testing for heartworm, and you have probably had a discussion or two with your veterinarian in Markham about … Read More »

Think temperature when it comes to tick control

The time for tick protection is now!  The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the veterinarians in Markham want you to know that the ideal time to begin tick protection is before exposure.  Ticks will brave the cold for warm blood, make sure it is not your pet’s or yours. Ticks will quest for an animal (or a person) to feed … Read More »

Important Notice: “Heartworm medication” that doesn’t work…

Protect yourself and your dog from the wrong medication. Products sold in pet stores may look like heartworm medication… but they are useless to protect your dog from this disease.   Markham veterinary hospitals have many different kinds of medication available against heartworm, fleas, mites, ticks, and internal parasites. However products being sold in pet stores resemble heartworm medication, but … Read More »