Minimally Invasive Spay Surgery in Markham

Surgery is a scary word, especially for pet owners. They don’t know what to expect from their vet and often find themselves lost in a sea of worry. Our Markham vet clinic completely understands your need to get answers and stay on top of things. If you’re having trouble understanding laparoscopic surgery and what it entails, we hope the information … Read More »

How to tell when your cat is not well – a real story from a Markham veterinary hospital

Would you have missed these signs of pain? Just a few weeks ago, we saw a kitty with all the classic symptoms of pain. We thought this is a wonderful teaching opportunity. We want all cat owners to recognize these symptoms. After you read this article, please spread the word and pass this on to all your friends. One Saturday … Read More »

Markham vet clinic advises: How to keep your pet safe at Howl-o-ween

With Halloween coming, the staff at the Animal Hospital of Unionville wants to make sure that you and your pets have a wonderful and safe time. Every year, veterinarians in Markham see some of the following Halloween dangers. Please help prevent them: Chocolate poisoning Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats. It is dose dependent. Small amounts cause hyper-excitability, vomiting, … Read More »

Valentines – it’s about being close to the ones we love…

… if it wasn’t for their bad breath caused by dental disease in Markham pets…. One of the worst and most overlooked veterinary medicine problems in dogs and cats is what veterinarians in Markham internally call “dragon breath.” Ooops, sorry! I don’t want to insult any dragons! In my 25-plus years as a veterinarian I’ve treated animals from all over … Read More »

What does vomiting mean? – Spike’s Story

If a pet vomits, it could be a number of causes. And some can be very serious. We recently saw Spike Neiman, a very sweet 3-year-old Maltese poodle cross, who needed an urgent operation. When I met Spike he was vomiting multiple times a day for a few days. Spike is usually very energetic and happy. The day we met … Read More »