Canine Influenza Now in Ontario

Pet owners in Markham and the Ontario area, be aware – the canine flu has arrived in Ontario. Please read the information below for additional information. If you have any questions, contact your local vet clinic. Two dogs in Essex County, Ontario, have been diagnosed with the H3N2 canine influenza. Originally from South Korea, these dogs made their way through … Read More »

Why should you socialize your dog?

The significance of socializing your dogs is recognized as very important by the veterinarians in Markham. Twenty years ago, you never heard anyone talk about it; now it’s everywhere. Seems easy enough; bring your dog to some new places, let him meet new people, and he will be a happy, well-adjusted dog. Unfortunately, socialization is not that easy. In order … Read More »

A new perspective on crate training – explained by a veterinarian in Markham

Crate training is good for dogs AND cats. Some people think it is cruel to confine your pet to such a small “prison cell” when it is actually quite natural. Veterinarians who are interested in behavioural therapy will confirm: Free roaming dogs and feral cats seek shelter in small, enclosed spaces to avoid being eaten by other predators. Dogs have … Read More »

Cute puppies are more difficult to train – from a Markham veterinarian

With holiday gift giving over, some of you may have been lucky enough to have found a cute little puppy under the tree. They are a wonderful enrichment to everyone’s life. We humans, whether it’s children or adults, must have a biological “you-are-so-cute-and-cuddly-I-can’t-help-but-love-you” reflex. Every time a cute little bunny, puppy, kitten, or anything small comes through the front door, … Read More »


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