Important Notice: “Heartworm medication” that doesn’t work…

Protect yourself and your dog from the wrong medication. Products sold in pet stores may look like heartworm medication… but they are useless to protect your dog from this disease.   Markham veterinary hospitals have many different kinds of medication available against heartworm, fleas, mites, ticks, and internal parasites. However products being sold in pet stores resemble heartworm medication, but … Read More »

A new perspective on crate training – explained by a veterinarian in Markham

Crate training is good for dogs AND cats. Some people think it is cruel to confine your pet to such a small “prison cell” when it is actually quite natural. Veterinarians who are interested in behavioural therapy will confirm: Free roaming dogs and feral cats seek shelter in small, enclosed spaces to avoid being eaten by other predators. Dogs have … Read More »

How to tell if your cat is in pain – explained by a veterinarian in Markham

Cats hide their pain. It takes knowledge and experience to identify the small details My colleagues in Markham veterinary clinics and I see cats that have been suffering from pain almost daily. Very often the owners didn’t have an idea. Their cats “seemed so healthy”. The fact is, cats seldom exhibit any outward signs of pain. The majority of professional … Read More »

Easy to miss signs of a sick pet – explained by a Markham veterinarian

Veterinary clinics in Markham still see too many pets with symptoms of disease, yet the owner were unaware… It might be a good time to review some of the symptoms pets show when they are ill with an internal disease. In some cases these symptoms are subtle and require careful observation on your part. Also, when a pet has multiple … Read More »

Cats and Dogs in Markham … Friend or Foe?

Veterinarian in Markham sheds some insight why some cats don’t like dogs… I am sitting here reflecting and musing why some dogs and cats just don’t get along. Veterinarians in Markham know this too well: Dogs and Cats speak a different “language”. Dogs have a leash and go for their walks with owners …cats do their own thing. Dogs have … Read More »


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