Retained Puppy (Deciduous) Teeth

A deciduous (puppy) pet tooth is considered retained as soon as the permanent (adult) tooth erupts. The permanent pet tooth does not need to be fully erupted for the deciduous to be considered retained. Cause of retained diciduous (puppy) teeth The most common cause for a deciduous tooth to be persistent according to the veterinarians in Markham is the adult … Read More »

Think temperature when it comes to tick control

The time for tick protection is now!  The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the veterinarians in Markham want you to know that the ideal time to begin tick protection is before exposure.  Ticks will brave the cold for warm blood, make sure it is not your pet’s or yours. Ticks will quest for an animal (or a person) to feed … Read More »

The pitfalls of choosing dog chew toys

Chewing is good for your dog’s mental and physical health, so the veterinarians in Markham remind you it’s important that you provide them with plenty of things to chew on. Failing to do so and your fur babies will come up with their own chew “toys”… which often wind up being your most expensive pair of shoes, the legs of … Read More »

Your pets and second hand smoke

Are you concerned about your pet being exposed to secondhand smoke?  The veterinarians in Markham want you to know smoking’s not only harmful to people; it’s harmful to our furkids as well.  Several studies show that tobacco and secondhand smoke, are not only hazardous to other people around you, but also to our beloved pets. In fact, secondhand smoke from … Read More »

Why is my pet itchy?

You would think that given the skin is easy to see, diagnosing a dermatology (skin) issue would be an easy task.  However, determining a diagnosis can pose a problem as many skin conditions present the same way.  The veterinarians in Markham will need to get a thorough history from anyone involved in your pet’s care, carefully examine your pet and … Read More »


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