Heartworm disease in Markham – Lola’s Story

Find out this month, how Lola did with the treatment of heartworms clogging up her heart. A few months ago we met a wonderful Golden Retriever who was ill with heartworm disease.  She carried several worms in her heart and had developed stage 2 of the disease.  After initial testing (xrays, ultrasound, many lab tests, etc.) to determine the severity … Read More »

Lola had Heartworm Disease… here in Unionville!

Heartworm is a serious disease that infects the heart of dogs. It is transmitted by mosquitoes! We and many of our dog owners have done a great job fighting this infection over the past 30 years. But every now and then, a dog comes in that carries the parasite. This should not happen! This year, we saw a super friendly … Read More »

Important Notice: “Heartworm medication” that doesn’t work…

Protect yourself and your dog from the wrong medication. Products sold in pet stores may look like heartworm medication… but they are useless to protect your dog from this disease.   Markham veterinary hospitals have many different kinds of medication available against heartworm, fleas, mites, ticks, and internal parasites. However products being sold in pet stores resemble heartworm medication, but … Read More »

Which test is really necessary? – A very simple answer from a vet in Markham …

What veterinary tests are really necessary for my pet? What procedures need to be done? And what tests are just a waste of money? These are wonderful questions. Veterinarians in Markham, Toronto, and elsewhere face them often in the exam room.  We discuss them behind the scenes in our animal hospital on Hwy 7, the veterinary community is struggling with this question, and … Read More »


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