Pet Behavior Myths Debunked: Part Two

Why is my dog or cat doing this? You already know that it’s easy to misinterpret what an animal is trying to tell you (they use non-verbal cues and poses). Our Markham veterinary clinic also told you that it’s not possible to be the alpha dog, no matter what you do. One species can’t control the hierarchy of another. But, … Read More »

Pet Behavior Myths Debunked: Part One

What even experienced pet owners didn’t know: Many of us, veterinarians, veterinary team members, and pet lovers have owned dogs or cats for years. We believe we know exactly what Fluffy or Fido are up to, we believe we are sure we have every action, need, and behavior figured out.… and often we are surprised when this is not so. … Read More »

We’re Fear Free Certified!

The Fear-Free™ initiative, promotes practices, methods, and tools that calm veterinary patients and help to create low-stress environments that lead to a reduction or removal of anxiety triggers which is safer and more rewarding for everyone involved.  Fear-Free™ visits help take the “pet” out of “petrified”.  The end result? Calmer, more receptive patients, and better veterinary care. Dr. Marsig recently became Fear-Free™ Certified so … Read More »


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