Pet Behavior Myths Debunked: Part Two

Why is my dog or cat doing this? You already know that it’s easy to misinterpret what an animal is trying to tell you (they use non-verbal cues and poses). Our Markham veterinary clinic also told you that it’s not possible to be the alpha dog, no matter what you do. One species can’t control the hierarchy of another. But, … Read More »

How to pick the best toys for your furry friends

Balls can be great toys: Dogs love to chase, chew or just carry them.  You need to take care, though, because dogs can choke on small ones, or ingest soft ones. For a dog that you’ve had to leave alone a toy can help keep him entertained . It can also provide comfort. According to veterinarians in Markham you can … Read More »

A new perspective on crate training – explained by a veterinarian in Markham

Crate training is good for dogs AND cats. Some people think it is cruel to confine your pet to such a small “prison cell” when it is actually quite natural. Veterinarians who are interested in behavioural therapy will confirm: Free roaming dogs and feral cats seek shelter in small, enclosed spaces to avoid being eaten by other predators. Dogs have … Read More »


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