Ontario Superior Court of Justice prohibits Non-veterinarians from performing dentistry on animals

April 16, 2014:  In a recent judgement the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled that Non-veterinarians are prohibited from performing dental procedures on animal’s teeth: (See the document here) There are many companies and individuals who profess in anesthesia-free dental cleaning in dogs and cats. They advertise often heavily and pose a specialists without any credentials. However, sometimes it is … Read More »

Surprising news about meat by-products – by a Markham veterinarian

Vet in Markham works hard to educate about pet foods. This week I will cover important and, unfortunately, common misconceptions about meat by-products. In a study of almost 900 consumers over 50% of the respondents incorrectly believed that meat by-products included internal organs, hooves, feces, and even road kill. When in fact, internal organs are actually the only product in … Read More »

What you NEED to know about wheat in pet food. By a Markham veterinarian

Wheat is getting a very bad reputation lately. Is it harmful for your pet? Do you need to buy different food? We’ve seen the diet fads and myths come and go. Remember the Carb-free craze? In the pet food industry likewise, every 5 years some new diet break-through is the hot thing, until it is proven to be harmful, or … Read More »


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