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The Not-So-Obvious Benefits Of Owning A Pet…

How pets are changing human lives… Valentines Day and Family Day! Time to reflect on those we love and belong with. From most pet owners (I almost would have said for ALL), a pet is a part of the family. We love our pets. As a pet owner, we have a buddy to cuddle with at the end of the … Read More »

Worn Teeth

Some tooth wear is expected, but in some situations the wear can be extreme, resulting in an abnormal loss of the top layer of the teeth. This is called attrition.  Excessive wear of pet teeth can actually cause problems, and there are many reasons this can occur in dogs and cats. Some of the most common causes of worn pet … Read More »

Fear Free Happy Homes is Now Available

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of Fear Free Happy Homes, the pet owner resource for Fear Free. Many pet owners in Markham know now, that Dr. Marsig at the Animal Hospital in Unionville is a Certified Fear Free Professional. This certification process was created to make visits to your vet more enjoyable for your dog … Read More »

Holiday Season – The Season to Enjoy and Care

It is the time of year when we are getting ready for the holidays. It is a time that evokes a lot of memories and feelings. What do you associate with the season? Shopping? Presents? Spending time with your loved ones? Spending time with your pets? Good food? Decorations and music? Since you are reading a veterinary clinic’s blog, I … Read More »

Declawing a cat. It’s just a small pain-free operation, right?

If you answered yes, you need to read this…  Many people think they should declaw cats, either as a kitten or shortly after adoption. “And why shouldn’t they?” you say. “Cats ruin furniture or injure others if you don’t do it. They rule the house with iron claws and cause stress for everybody. There’s nothing wrong with calling a vet … Read More »