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How to enjoy a stress free holiday with your pet

We understand how exciting–and slightly stressful–the days leading to Christmas can be. As you read this, your holiday preparations are probably in full swing already, from buying last-minute gifts to putting together your recipe for Christmas dinner.  Before you get busy with the holidays, you don’t want to forget a precious family member who’s brought nothing but joy and excitement … Read More »

Weight loss app for dogs?

Despite being one of the easiest conditions to diagnose, obesity in dogs remains one of the most difficult to treat.  More than half of North American dogs are overweight which means many also face life threatening weight-related diseases.  The latest tool in combating obesity in dogs and helping dog owners to determine how much food to feed a dog to … Read More »

Pet Nutrition: Myths and Misperceptions

Unfortunately, the first place many of us go for information these days is the Internet and much of the information is often inaccurate and misleading.  This blog will deal with some of the more common myths the veterinarians in Markham deal with surrounding nutrition, specifically questions and concerns about corn, by-products and grains.  Many beliefs consumers have about nutrition are … Read More »

Should I feed wet or dry food? What is the difference?

Why would you choose wet food? Not all animals drink as much water as they should. If your animal is the type that is reluctant to drink adequate amounts of water, the veterinarians in Markham may recommend wet foods as they can be a good source of hydration . And then there are health considerations that can make wet foods … Read More »

Xylitol poisoning

Sugar substitutes are big business. Less sugar can mean weight loss, improved health, diabetic control, and even reduced tooth decay. The quest for products that can sweeten and cook like sugar is ongoing. Xylitol is a common sugar substitute, especially when it comes to sugarless gum. Not only does xylitol offer sweetness without calories, it also has antibacterial properties in … Read More »


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