Our Careteam

Nela Hunter

Hospital Manager/Veterinary Technician

Nela joined our team in 2001. She is no stranger to animal care, having owned and worked with both small and large animals for many years, as well as possessing extensive work experience in the veterinary industry. In addition to her duties as a Veterinary Technician, Nela also oversees the day to day operation of the hospital. She loves to interact with clients and their pets and wants to ensure that your experience with us is gratifying. Her passion is breeding and raising race-bred Quarter horses at her farm. She loves her Australian shepherds and many rescued barn cats.

Photo of  Nela  Hunter


Registered Veterinary Technician

Mary is the backbone of our hospital in behind the scenes. She pays attention to all details to ensure your loved ones are cared for. Animals are part of her life blood. She worked as a zookeeper in China for 18 years before immigrating to Canada in 2000. Along with her husband and one son she settled in Ottawa. She then attended Algonquin College for the veterinary technician program and graduated in 2008. She is a Registered Veterinary Technician in good standing and has been on staff with us since November 2011. Mary carries out her nursing position with a gentle hand and very compassionate manner. Mary communicates with our clients in both English and Mandarin.

Photo of  Mary

Karen Leung

Client Services Manager

Karen is our afternoon coordinator. She will welcome you and your pet in both English and Cantonese. Karen is here to assist you with your requests and explain the treatment your pet received as well as the associated billing. She will ensure your next required appointment is booked and give you a reminder call for any scheduled procedures that are required. She is fluent in English and Cantonese.

Photo of  Karen  Leung

Angela Lyon


Angela joined our team in August 2017 in the position of co- ordinator. She grew up on a big hobby horse farm in Nova Scotia and then moved to Ontario in 2004 with her 4 horses and other animals. She attended Durham College for the Animal Care program and has since graduated in April 2017 with a certificate and diploma. Angela has extensive experience working in the veterinary field. Angela will welcome you and your pet to our clinic, book your appointments and follow ups and answer your questions regarding the care and nutrition for your pet. She is also the bridge between the reception area and the treatment area where the doctors and staff are caring for your pet. Angela also assists in the comfort and care of all animals whether in the hospital or boarding facility. When not at work, Angela enjoys going to the gym, visiting her 35 year old horse, Wrangler and spending time with her puppy, Rambo.

Photo of  Angela  Lyon


Tom is a full time student at the University of Toronto and he is very skillful in his spare time helping us at the Animal Hospital. Tom is an assistant to the doctors and veterinary technicians. He also keeps a mindful eye on our boarding animals during the weekends. We hope he will continue his studies and become a great veterinarian.

Photo of  Tom


Professional All Breed Dog and Cat Groomer

Sarita offers grooming for all breeds of both dogs and cats.  She is skilled in the full scissoring and finishing of all breed clips.

Sarita has been grooming dogs for over 20 years.  She initially graduated from the Canadian School of Dog Grooming, where she apprenticed for one full year, before continuing on her own.

Sarita’s gentle spirit and a lifetime around wild, exotic and domesticated animals, has given her an animal perception that allows her to help calm difficult animals.  Her first priorities lie, in making your pet’s grooming experience as comfortable and calming as it can be and then off course, making them look and feel their best.

Thorough and meticulous in her standards for animal care and quality grooming, clients are thrilled to have Sarita and her services

When not grooming at the clinic, Sarita can be found looking after a small menagerie of exotic pet rescues or searching for and rescuing injured wildlife.




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