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Heartworm disease in Markham – Lola’s Story

By October 10, 2018 January 2nd, 2019 Uncategorized

Find out this month, how Lola did with the treatment of heartworms clogging up her heart.

A few months ago we met a wonderful Golden Retriever who was ill with heartworm disease.

 She carried several worms in her heart and had developed stage 2 of the disease.  After initial testing (xrays, ultrasound, many lab tests, etc.) to determine the severity and the prognosis of the disease we determined that she has a reasonable chance to survive the treatment without too serious complications.

The treatment was done by injecting an Arsenic medication that kills off the worms over the period of several months. Lola was very brave and tolerated the full course of medications well. During the treatment months she was also on oral medication and needed ongoing tests.

We saw Lola just a few weeks ago and she is doing remarkably well. Our next duties are to get her teeth repaired. She has broken teeth and serious mouth infection. Soon she also needs to get spayed. She came into heat recently and spaying is important to limit her chances of developing mammary cancer and severe uterus diseases (pyometra).

Take away:

We wrote these two blogs to drive home the following messages (please tell your friends and help us spread the news):

  1. Heartworm disease is here in Ontario and every dog is at risk.
  2. Prevention is cheap, easy, and reliable. It should be done by everyone and could have avoided Lola’s fate.
  3. There are good people who help dogs in need. Lola had wonderful care at home.
  4. The treatment of heartworm disease is complicated, moderately risky, and expensive. But we were successful.

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