Survey: Veterinarians Ranked #7 Most Trusted Profession in Canada

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Great News for Veterinarians in Markham:

Public opinion about the veterinary clinics in Markham matters to us. Like all professionals, veterinarians want to build long-term trusting relationships with their clients. However review site about veterinarians like seem to suggest that most veterinarians are unethical and recommend tests or procedures that are not necessary. These sites are mainly frequented by clients that are extremely unhappy and who had a bad experience.

Or, as Dr. Marsig put it: “Rating websites … seem to attract only extremely emotionally charged reviews, which is unfortunate, because extreme situations do not reflect the experiences of thousands of satisfied clients. We however are all human und we understand that when things go as expected, we are all satisfied without raving about it.”

A recent poll by Reader’s Digest Canada shows more objective results: Veterinarians landed at #7 among the most trusted professions.

This was the fifth annual Trust Poll commissioned by Reader’s Digest, with a total of 2,020 Canadian adults surveyed by Leger Marketing, an independent research poll.  Veterinarians scored higher compared to last year, when the profession came in at #10 on the list.

Top 10 Most Trusted Professions:

1. Firefighters
2. Pharmacists
3. Airline Pilots
4. Nurses
5. GPs
6. Teachers
7. Veterinarians
8. Armed Forces
9. Dentists
10. Daycare Workers

Top Ten Least Trusted Professions

1. Psychics
2. Politicians
3. Fundraisers
4. Home-Building Contractors
5. Real Estate Agents
6. Lawyers
7. Taxi Drivers
8. Mechanics
9. Journalists
10. Religious Ministers
11. Financial Advisors

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