Vets in Markham agree that insured pets tend to get better healthcare because advanced treatments are affordable for insured pets.

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Yesterdays blog  about pet insurance in Markham pet clinics continued…

We had discussed that it is often easier to provide the best possible veterinary care for pets when there is insurance coverage. What’s your alternative?

Why not just put money aside for the rainy day? Some clients decide to put away a certain amount per month into a special savings account for their pet’s bills. This is a very good idea, but it’s like a New Year’s Resolution: There is good intent, but in reality it is very difficult to stick with it.

So, is the premium worth it? If you insure your young pet with an accident plan at perhaps $20 per month, you’d be paying $240 per year and you would be covered for the common issues facing young animal: injuries from falls, ingestion of foreign bodies (toys), bite wounds, etc. After five years you would have spent $1,200 on premium. Veterinary services like surgery, anesthesia, stitches, preanesthetic bloodwork,  and treatment for one bite abscess may however cost over $1,200. A foreign body surgery may cost $3,500 or $5,000, depending on the severity.  And all these conditions can usually be healed completely. After your pooch recovered she will be completely healthy home again.

Depending on your personal risk tolerance, it is a good idea to consider to upgrade your plan to an accident and illness plan when your pet gets older. These plans usually cover all pet illnesses, like skin and ear problems, urinary problems, hormone problems, joint disease, heart disease, endocrine disease, allergies, etc. For instance, many bladder infections need frequent monitoring with urine tests x-rays, and possibly Ultrasound.

If you have pet insurance, vets in Markham agree, you will be able to provide for your pet what is best to keep him healthy and free from suffering, without having to worry about costs.

What you need to know: Veterinarians in Markham advise that all insurance providers tend to exclude pre-existing conditions from their coverage. For instance, if your pet has a heart murmur, and later develops heart disease, it would be prudent to buy the insurance coverage before the murmur manifests. Don’t wait too long.  Sign up your pet while they are healthy. We have FREE trial insurance packages for your pets available. All you have to do is fill out a form and enjoy coverage for unforeseen problems.

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PS: There are many different companies offering pet insurance in Canada. Veterinarians do not endorse one over the other. That’s why we do not list the different suppliers here. We have however brochures and information from the leading suppliers for you to take home from our office. Please just ask us.

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