What is Palladia? Cancer in Pets and the heartwarming story of Chuckles.

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Veterinarians in Markham and elsewhere are too familiar with this:

A patient is diagnosed with cancer and the pet owners have to face a serious questions:

What should be done?



Palliative Treatment?


There is no right or wrong answer. But it is often through hardship and tough times that veterinarians and their owners find hope and inspiration.

Chuckles is a wonderful source of inspiration. He came to our Animal Hospital in Markham many years ago in less than perfect health. Chuckles had a list of the usual Sher-Pei diseases. We managed to bring his health problems under control, so he could lead a very happy life, until a small and innocent little spot on his nose didn’t want to heal.

It turned out that this spot was the beginning of a growing mast cell tumor (a nasty kind of skin cancer). It was not too difficult to surgically remove the tumor, but the nagging question remained: Is this tumor going to grow back on the nose and/or is it going to spread elsewhere in the body?

That was in 2010. Since then he has gone through major chemotherapy at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph.  Chuckles is feeling very well now, thanks to the absolute dedication of his owner. Pets depend on their owner, and Chuckles is lucky to live with a wonderful family who made it possible to get him the best treatment available anywhere.  Instead of retelling his story here, please visit Chuckles’ Blog at www.whatspalladia.wordpress.com.

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