Valentines – it’s about being close to the ones we love…

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… if it wasn’t for their bad breath caused by dental disease in Markham pets…

One of the worst and most overlooked veterinary medicine problems in dogs and cats is what veterinarians in Markham internally call “dragon breath.” Ooops, sorry! I don’t want to insult any dragons!

In my 25-plus years as a veterinarian I’ve treated animals from all over the province – mostly from Unionville and those seeking pet care services from nearby Markham, Stouffville, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, North York and Uxbridge. A lot has changed in the years, but something didn’t: All dogs and cats develop bad breath AND bad teeth.
Many times, pet owners do not even realize that bad breath is a not just a harmless inconvenience but a sign of a problem. This puzzles me. Dental disease is the most common cause of unnecessary suffering in pets and it causes often a shortened life. Many people compare pet dental health with our human dental visits. But the big difference in veterinary medicine is, we people go to the dentist every year for a cleaning, we brush our teeth regularly and we never wait until our gums are sore, bleed, teeth come loose, and of course we seek help right away when it hurts.
What a Markham veterinary clinic suggests:

In pets, dental disease and treatments are often viewed a cosmetic conditions, and are usually done when it is quite advance and often when there is irreparable damage to the gums and bones … in other words … when it is very late. Just search the internet a bit you you’ll have no doubt that dental disease is serious.

Bad breath is the most important sign that something is wrong. We all love our pets. We know from our own pets very well that bad breath destroys the closeness we’d like to have with our furry family members. Bad breath is very repelling! It’s caused by bacterial decay of food remnants and saliva. This bacterial build-up leads over time to infection of the internal organs, mainly kidney, liver or heart problems… and despite all public education campaigns, we see way too many pets with internal infections caused by untreated teeth.

The bottom line is that bad animal breath is a sign of beginning trouble and pain. It should be dealt with by our animal clinic before it can do more damage. Chances are your pets simply need a good dental cleaning before they go out on….errrr, their next date!

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