The Cost of Pet Food… Surprising!!!

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Veterinarians in Markham, Stouffville, Richmond Hill, and elsewhere couldn’t believe this at first…

Last year the prices for agricultural commodities increased dramatically due to drought and changes in demand. As veterinary staff in or veterinary clinic we became very used to thinking that good quality food (including the foods we carry) has to be more expensive than big box store foods.

The reality! In December 2012 the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association ( published in their Magazine Focus the following chart:

Food Price Comparison by different Retail Sources.

Clearly High Quality pet foods purchased from veterinary clinics (red columns)  aren’t more expensive than foods from other retailers. It is important to note that the comparison was made per kilogram of food. Comparing per bag is surely leading to misleading conclusions.

More accurately the food should be compared per kilogram of dry matter, or per calorie, or per nutrient, but these calculations are difficult and not very practical.

The goal of every vet in Markham is to help your pet to live the longest and happiest life possible. Good nutrition is the only thing you can control completely. Please let us help determine which food is the best for your pet.



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