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Pet Behavior Myths Debunked: Part One

What even experienced pet owners didn’t know: Many of us, veterinarians, veterinary team members, and pet lovers have owned dogs or cats for years. We believe we know exactly what Fluffy or Fido are up to, we believe we are sure we have every action, need, and behavior figured out.… and often we are surprised when this is not so. … Read More »

Fear Free Happy Homes is Now Available

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of Fear Free Happy Homes, the pet owner resource for Fear Free. Many pet owners in Markham know now, that Dr. Marsig at the Animal Hospital in Unionville is a Certified Fear Free Professional. This certification process was created to make visits to your vet more enjoyable for your dog … Read More »

Is your pet bored?

Living these busy lives of ours means often pets are left at home when owners go to work or spend a great deal of time outside of the house because of things such as school or family commitments. Many times, these pets suffer from insufficient physical and mental stimulation. Rather than whine about there being nothing to do, your pet … Read More »

Why is my pet itchy?

You would think that given the skin is easy to see, diagnosing a dermatology (skin) issue would be an easy task.  However, determining a diagnosis can pose a problem as many skin conditions present the same way.  The veterinarians in Markham will need to get a thorough history from anyone involved in your pet’s care, carefully examine your pet and … Read More »

We’re Fear Free Certified!

The Fear-Free™ initiative, promotes practices, methods, and tools that calm veterinary patients and help to create low-stress environments that lead to a reduction or removal of anxiety triggers which is safer and more rewarding for everyone involved.  Fear-Free™ visits help take the “pet” out of “petrified”.  The end result? Calmer, more receptive patients, and better veterinary care. Dr. Marsig recently became Fear-Free™ Certified so … Read More »