Declawing a cat. It’s just a small pain-free operation, right?

If you answered yes, you need to read this…  Many people think they should declaw cats, either as a kitten or shortly after adoption. “And why shouldn’t they?” you say. “Cats ruin furniture or injure others if you don’t do it. They rule the house with iron claws and cause stress for everybody. There’s nothing wrong with calling a vet … Read More »

Is your pet bored? The answer might surprise you…

When was the last time you felt bored? It probably drove you crazy. Reading didn’t work. There was nothing good on TV. Even Netflix couldn’t keep you entertained. Now imagine how your pet must feel when they’re bored. A bored pet is never a good thing – they’re bound to do something messy (like, say, chew up your favorite slippers) … Read More »

Leptospirosis in Markham Update 2017

November 7, 2017.  Important Update: We just received confirmation that Leptospirosis is active in the Region. A dog died over the weekend from acute liver and kidney failure. It was a very painful death. Please make sure your dog is vaccinated. Many clients read about side effects of vaccinations on the internet, but reality is: the disease is worse than … Read More »

Fall is the season for Ticks!!!

You know what ticks are. You’ve heard about them before from your Markham vet, but never seen any in your day-to-day life. Actually, ticks are more than poster pictures that veterinary clinics stick on the wall. They’re more than a nuisance. And they are active when the temperatures are colder. They are now coming out in full force and only … Read More »

Halloween costumes for your pets!

Ghosts and mayhem and candy, oh my! Who doesn’t love Halloween? But it’s not just for humans – animals can have a good time, too. Planning to take Fido out with you when you trick-or-treat? Maybe he’s keeping you company while you hand out candy. Perhaps you’re participating in a parade. Whatever you’re getting ready to do, you’re probably on … Read More »