As a veterinary clinic in Markham since 1966,  our staff are animal lovers through and through! This is why we can’t help treating your pet as if they were our very own little guy or gal… One of the special reasons why generations of families from far and near keep bringing their “furry kids”  to our hospital on the  NORTH side of Highway 7, is because we have experience (over 150,000 treatments in the past 30 years) and we carefully spend the time with you.  The last thing you need is to be… Read more…

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    The Carnivore’s Diet Myth

    As any veterinarian in Markham will tell you, zoologically, dogs are carnivores (meat-eaters). So are black bears. Their teeth look like those of meat eaters like polar bears. Interestingly this doesn’t mean that black bears and dogs actually live on meat alone. Like black bears, dogs eat all kinds of things. They are physiologically omnivores (everything-eaters). I have in my … Read More »

    How to tell if your cat is in pain – explained by a veterinarian in Markham

    Cats hide their pain. It takes knowledge and experience to identify the small details My colleagues in Markham veterinary clinics and I see cats that have been suffering from pain almost daily. Very often the owners didn’t have an idea. Their cats “seemed so healthy”. The fact is, cats seldom exhibit any outward signs of pain. The majority of professional … Read More »

    Is your cat throwing up hairballs? Veterinarians in Markham see this regularly…

     Hairballs, are they just a normal nuisance or a sign that something is wrong?  Most cat owners believe that hair balls aren’t worthy of veterinary attention. However, frequent elimination of hairballs can be an indication of an underlying chronic skin or gastrointestinal disease.  How many hairballs are normal? In a recent study, 10 percent of healthy shorthair cats vomited two … Read More »