As a veterinary clinic in Markham since 1966,  our staff are animal lovers through and through! This is why we can’t help treating your pet as if they were our very own little guy or gal… One of the special reasons why generations of families from far and near keep bringing their “furry kids”  to our hospital on the  NORTH side of Highway 7, is because we have experience (over 150,000 treatments in the past 30 years) and we carefully spend the time with you.  The last thing you need is to be… Read more…

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    Canine chronic bronchitis

    Coughing. This symptom seems benign enough, but if your dog develops a harsh dry cough that may or may not be productive and persists for more than a few days, the cause should be investigated by your veterinarian in Markham.   Coughing can indicate many conditions, such as heart disease, tracheal collapse, heartworm infection, pneumonia, bronchitis, kennel cough and other afflictions. … Read More »

    Why should you socialize your dog?

    The significance of socializing your dogs is recognized as very important by the veterinarians in Markham. Twenty years ago, you never heard anyone talk about it; now it’s everywhere. Seems easy enough; bring your dog to some new places, let him meet new people, and he will be a happy, well-adjusted dog. Unfortunately, socialization is not that easy. In order … Read More »

    Large Dog Spay: Our veterinarians are experienced in performing this important proced...

      Many veterinarians are reluctant to perform spay surgeries on large breeds, older dogs, and overweight dogs. Instead, they have begun referring these surgeries to board certified surgeons, out of concern for possible complications.  While board certified surgeons are very qualified (or even over qualified?) to perform this surgery, we feel that this is an unnecessary route for this procedure. … Read More »


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